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Here’s the thing – I love food. In fact, I’m never happier than when I’m eating something delicious. I also love food blogs, websites, TV shows, and magazines… and I spend an exorbitant amount of time reading/watching them. And here’s the dilemma: I try to maintain a healthy diet, but that tends to be difficult when I come across, for example, a recipe for Irish Carbomb Cupcakes (YUM!). And so…

Welcome to de LIGHT ful! I decided to create a blog that caters to people who keep healthy diets but still want delicious food (I know I’m not the only one out there…). Obviously, everyone’s definition of “healthy” is different – but I tend to focus on low-calorie food. All the recipes you’ll find on this blog are either from healthy sources like the Food Network’s Ellie Krieger, magazines like Cooking Light, or they’re from an everyday source and have been adapted to be healthier. They are also be simple (because I am not a skilled chef) and (fingers crossed…) delightful!

I hope you enjoy!


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